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Defective Equipment Attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Defective Product injuries can occur from “load shifts”, when a truck decelerates and the load shifts to the cab of the truck (such as logging trucks). The 2-inch piece of plastic will not protect the driver, just as having a load above the cab will cause a roof crush failure upon sudden deceleration.

Tire failure (tread separation) causing instability is a cause of accidents and seat belt latch defects cause injuries by jettisoning the driver through the windshield of the truck. A new theory involves the glass that is placed by the manufacturer in the windows of the vehicle.

In the 1920’s auto manufacturers utilized stronger glass. However, because of the expense, the manufacturers tried to make the windows cheaper by installing the current version found in windows. There are even documents showing that one major glass manufacturer informed the automobile industry that the use of current windows would make consumers less safe.

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