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Do People Commit Crimes On Campus?

Yes they do. However, most of those individuals do not realize that the University of Alabama is covered with cameras - inside the buildings and outside watching over the parking lots. The University of Alabama Police can watch individuals break into cars in one parking lot and walk to the next parking lot in "REAL TIME". Then they just have a patrol officer or two drive over to the parking lot and arrest the suspects. Happens every year. It's a bad idea. It's kind of like people who are stupid and rob convenience stores and gas stations, not knowing that each of those stores has better surveillance cameras and equipment than most banks. If you have items "missing" from your car you should call UAPD and ask them if they have any cameras in the area of your car. Usually people will "open" vehicles that have been left unlocked and look for wallets, computers, radar detectors, cd's, and other stuff like that.