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If My Case Is Dismissed and I Got Youthful Offender, Is It Automatically Expunged?

NO! You have to get your case dismissed OR be found NOT GUILTY to get a case expunged. A Youthful Offender designation in the prior two examples means that your file is SEALED. That's it. So if your case was DISMISSED and you received Youthful Offender status you STILL HAVE TO FILE AN EXPUNGEMENT.

An Expungement case is filed in CIRCUIT COURT in the County where you were charged. The District Attorney's office reviews expungement petitions (NOT THE CITY PROSECUTOR). So an Expungement is a SEPARATE ACTION that you have to file to get your case expunged.

There is a $300 filing fee for an expungement case at this time (11-20-2018). So if you were arrested for example, of 2 counts of breaking and entering an automobile, and then the Grand Jury indicts you on 6 counts (which include the 2 you were arrested on), you now have to expunge EACH AND EVERY COUNT. *****This is assuming you went through the 2nd Chance Program which is discussed in more depth below and got your cases dismissed. So 6 counts x $300 is $1800 in filing fees. You have to file 6 Expungement Petitions - one for each count.

If you have questions about an expungement, please feel free to call. - Lawyer Ford