Marijuana Charges in Tuscaloosa, AL

If this is your First Marijuana Misdemeanor Offense, you may be able to avoid conviction. Call today for details!

Marijuana Possession Charges: If you been charged with possession or use of marijuana in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and have a court date in Tuscaloosa Municipal Court, your case is likely a misdemeanor charge. In Alabama a "first offense" possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor. A "second offense" during your lifetime results in a felony charge.

There are several potential avenues that an attorney can pursue for you such as applying for Youthful Offender (if the charge occurred before age 21), asking the Court to allow you to take a diversion program, moving to suppress the evidence and going to trial, or simply pleading guilty to the charge and trying to obtain the "low end" of potential punishments.

If you have been charged with marijuana possession I encourage you to contact my office for assistance with your case.