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Roof Crush Incidents Attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

One of the most common injuries to Truckers is due to “roof crush”, the inability of the roof of the truck from protecting the driver and/or passenger in the event of a rollover.

These injuries can occur from an accident of only 20 miles per hour or less! The danger is not necessarily the speed of the truck itself, but the weight of the truck on the roof of the cab as it turns over. Quite frankly, the roof of your truck will not protect you in an accident.
Did a Roof Fall on Top of You?
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Litigation against truck manufacturers is an expensive endeavor. Costs can easily reach several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Attorneys who represent injured truck drivers against a manufacturer are generally looking for cases in which the driver suffered catastrophic injuries (amputation, paralysis, nerve damage, brain damage, etc.).

These cases are usually taken on a 50% contingency fee basis where the lawyer pays all the expenses, and thus takes all the risk, being reimbursed only if the case ends successfully.