Arrest Lawyer Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL

Arrest and Jail Time

Initial Arrest - Time Spent at Tuscaloosa County Jail

If you are incarcerated for "domestic violence" (charges by your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, spouse, relatives, etc.) you will not be eligible to bond out for at least 12 hours. If you are incarcerated for DUI or public intoxication you will spend at least six (6) hours in jail until your breath alcohol reading reaches "00". The legal limit where you are presumed intoxicated in Alabama is 0.08%. This means that you will take the "test" every six hours until your reading reaches "00" (sometimes this takes 24 hours). If you take the test at the jail it may be used against you in Court (you might want to wait 12 hours).

Normally an intoxicated person ends up without their shoes in the "pink room" where the air conditioner is on really "cold," This is not an attempt by the Jail to be inhospitable. It is only an attempt to keep you, your friend or loved one from puking all over the cell. Otherwise, on "bondable" offenses you are normally allowed to bond out as soon as you are booked into the jail and can either post a cash bond or a bail bondsmen can file their paperwork.