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What is the difference between a CASH BOND and a BAILBONDSMAN?

With a cash bond you are putting the entire amount of bail in cash to be held by the Court.  So if you are found not guilty you get ALL  your money back.  If you plead guilty or do a diversion program your bond can be used for those purposes.  You do not “lose” money

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What should I know about my lease and Automatic Renewal Clauses?

Most leases have an AUTOMATIC RENEWAL CLAUSE inserted in them.  This means that if you DO NOT NOTIFY MANAGEMENT you are not going to renew your lease, then your lease is AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED for another term (usually a year). MOST CLAUSES REQUIRE NOTIFICATION IN WRITING!!! MOST CLAUSES REQUIRE NOTIFICATION WITH SPECIFIC TIME PERIODS!!  In other

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What is Diversion?

Diversion is a process where the Court allows you to complete some requirements, pay fines, court costs and fees,  and then have your case DISMISSED.  You can STILL get a Youthful Offender designation on the file (if between 18 and 21) and have the file SEALED from public view, but a dismissal allows you to

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What Charges are Eligible for Youthful Offender Status?

If the crime is committed between the ages of 18 and 21, most misdemeanors and non-violent felonies (for most 1st time offenders, sometimes 2nd offenses but it depends).  The District Attorney or City Prosecutor has to agree in most cases.  Misdemeanors are usually not a problem.

What exactly is Youthful Offender?

If you commit a violation, misdemeanor or a felony and the offense was committed between 18 and 21 you are eligible for Youthful Offender or YO.  When you PLEAD GUILTY to a YO you are basically pleading guilty to being a juvenile delinquent (not the actual charge or offense).   A YO plea or designation means

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Do People Commit Crimes On Campus?

Yes they do.  However, most of those individuals do not realize that the University of Alabama is covered with cameras – inside the buildings and outside watching over the parking lots.  The University of Alabama Police can watch individuals break into cars in one parking lot and walk to the next parking lot in “REAL

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If my case is Dismissed AND I got Youthful Offender, is it automatically expunged?

NO!  You have to get your case dismissed OR be found NOT GUILTY to get a case expunged.  A Youthful Offender designation in the prior two examples means that your file is SEALED.  That’s it.  So if your case was DISMISSED and  you received Youthful Offender status you STILL HAVE TO FILE AN EXPUNGEMENT.  

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First call a lawyer. A lawyer can help you with understanding your situation and help guide you through it. Go ahead and HIRE the lawyer. If you are charged or arrested (or know you are going to be arrested) for a felony, WHY would you wait? There is a program in Tuscaloosa that we have

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